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"The Killer Marketing System"
What Other Practice Owners Are Saying...
Watch These "In-The-Trenches" Stories From A Few Of The 600+ Owners We've Helped Overcome the Threats Facing Our Industry and Gain Ultimate Control Of Their Practices. I Hope This Sheds Some Light On What Is Possible For You To Achieve In The New Year!
George Hess, DPT
Hess Physical Therapy | Pittsburgh, PA
Dr. Stacey Raybuck-Schatz
Professional PT & Sports Medicine | Franklin, MA 
Lee Sowerbutts
Spa City Therapy | Hot Springs, AR 
What Is Killer Marketing?
Killer Marketing a 12 week program for physical therapy private practice owners who want to implement proven systems that attract direct access patients, free up their time, and do so as fast as possible.

Even if you have no time because your still busy treating.

Even if you're losing referrals from physicians due to POPTS, Hospitals, and Corp. PT groups.

Even if you and your staff is consumed by other "practice management" initiatives.

Turn-Key Marketing Systems Proven By 15 Years of Testing, in Over 500 Practices
You and your staff will implement turn-key scientific systems that have been proven by over 15 years of testing in over 500 practices. 

In the end you’ll have full control over new patient flow, have the ability to comfortably hire more staff, and treat less so you can spend more time with family, living your life, or scaling your business.

Keep reading below to see how Killer Marketing will transform your practice.

Full Control Over New Patient Flow In 90 Days
How confident are you in your ability to fully control your new patient flow? 

I won’t bore you by talking more about the state of PT, Physician Referrals drying up, and shrinking reimbursements…

What about growing the percentage of your new patients that come from direct access?

To grow your practice in the NEW healthcare environment (or even to survive), experience has shown that physician referrals are drying up and controlling your own patient flow of direct access patients is the best way to run a healthy private practice.
No More Relying On Physicians For Your Referrals
This program is designed to enable you to thrive in this environment by helping you attract direct access patients each month from the general public and your past patient list.

Lincoln Kincade
"If you are a Private Practice Owner who has struggled getting new patients, then I encourage you to work with Chad" 
Robert Moss
"The increase in growth will allow me to hire another PT, so I can spend time with my family" 
Chuck Shulte
"I've tried a lot of marketing in the past and its been an embarrassing failure-- That is not the case with Chad's strategies"
Join These Owners!
What You Get When You Join Killer Marketing
Evergreen Training For You And Your Staff
Killer Marketing is made up of 5 phases (more detail on each phase will be outlined in the page below this section).
  •   Phase 1 - Build A Killer Patient Funnel
  •   Phase 2 - Killer Past Patient Direct Access Marketing
  •   Phase 3 - Killer New Way To Marketing To Physicians
  •   *Bonus Phase 4 - Killer Workshop System To Attract DA Patients From The Public
  •   *Bonus Phase 5 - Advanced Direct Response Marketing Strategies
Each phase is made up of several modules which contain several videos. These videos are available through an online membership site for you and your staff to access forever. 

You will also get my exact processes, copy, and templates that have been tested for over 15 years and used in over 500 practices. Read more about that next.
Turn-Key Marketing Systems With Copy / Paste Templates
I’ve developed many direct response marketing campaigns over the years.

Each one has been carefully tested and tweaked over time to bring in the biggest response and best return on investment. Since then, I’ve further tweaked these systems, templates, and strategies in the over 500 practices that I’ve worked with through Killer Marketing. Well over $1,800,000 have gone into perfecting these systems combined.

Like evidence based practice we have marketing down to a science.

You get my exact systems, templates, and advertisements that you only have to copy / paste and deploy at will. This will save you years of time, thousands of dollars, and give you a shortcut not available anywhere else.
Live Coaching For Implementation
As you implement the systems, questions will come up. Your practice is different. So I’m not going to leave you to work on this all alone.

Every single week we’ll have a live group implementation Q&A call to address issues, answer questions and get you on your way.

And if you do decide Killer Marketing is right for you soon enough (first 15 to confirm get this). You’ll have the opportunity to come to my practice for an Implementation Bootcamp. 

Here we’ll have some 1:1 time to knock these systems out together and get you on your way. There’s more info on this below...
Community & Support
Running and marketing a private practice can be lonely. It's hard to make it through the ups and downs… Without friends or family who understand what you're doing and why you're so passionate about it…

We’ve put together a private community of practice owners (500+ strong) who are all working together on their private practices. More info on this below.

Keep reading to get a more detailed outline of each phase...
Steve Nestor
"The KEY is to just implement 
these systems."
Biagio Mazza
"Chad's strategies are worth thousands of dollars to my practice"
Andrew Gorecki
"The knowledge at BPTM has completely transformed my life and my business"
Wade Baskins
"I doubled my patient load in 1 week using strategies from phase 1"
Travis Robbins
"I doubled my patient load in 1 week using strategies from phase 1"
PHASE I: Success With Killer Patient Funnel
Get as much value you can, from the patients you've already have
Derrick Hines of Acadiana Pain and Performance Rehab DOUBLED his patient volume in 3 months using only just 3 of the systems in this phase.

Wade Baskin (an early member of this Killer Marketing class) DOUBLED his volume implementing just one of these systems in just 1 month.

We have found the Owners who get the best results from Killer Marketing Training have something in common…

Before they go out and invest their hard-earned dollars on marketing their Private Practices…

They “Tighten Their Patient Funnel”…

And if you’re going to get the most out of The Killer Marketing Training like Derrick and Wade, you’ll want to make sure you Fix Your Patient Funnel first.

Phase I includes 4 easy-to-implement mini systems that will make sure you don’t have any leaks in your funnel AND give you the best return on your investment.

Click the video to the right to see more detail about the templates and trainings you get in this phase.

Module 1. THE 7-Step Killer Exam & Green Ink Letter.

If you're bothered by patients not completing their plan of care? (We call them MIAs) This is HOW TO STOP THAT NONSENSE and turn even your most skeptical patients into raving fans. This includes:
- The exact video training all my PTs watch and checklist
- It’s like having a checklist that every PT touches all 7 bases during the exam…so you don’t leave any parts out…

Module 2. The Killer Testimonial System

This ONE SINGLE TOOL is the foundation of every piece of marketing I’ve ever used successfully… It Includes
- The exact template we use at Madden PT
- Video training on how to use it and what questions to ask

Module 3. The Greatest Promotion Ever

This is the single best promotion I've designed. Listen to any of the testimonial videos and you'll hear lots of people talk about it. Practices are getting from 17 to 33, sometimes over 80 new patients from it. You get the full course, read more about this on the products page of the website.

"The testimonial system has more of our patients realizing what we've done for them and has our patients referring more of their friends because of it."

Amy Flinn, PT, 
Owner, Motion Recovery PT

"I doubled my patient volume by working only on my patient funnel with Chad's 7 Step Killer Exam, Green Ink Letter, and Testimonial System."

Derrick Hines, PT, 
Acadiana Pain and Performance Rehab
Phase II: Success With Past Patients
Create a hungry crowd of past patients and systems to attract them automatically.
What’s the #1 Single Biggest Asset that 99% of Private Practice Owners ignore?

That’s right…the past and present patient list.

Here we cover the mistakes most owners make with Patient Newsletters…and how you can correct them in a scientific way…

Your Private Practice Owner friends will be amazed when you share how many Direct Access Patients you’re getting from your Patient List…

(And they’ll say silly things like, “Oh I already tried that and it didn’t work…)

Here I’ll show you how I’ve averaged 93 New Patients per month from my Patient List…How Travis, Stacey, George, and countless others have growth more than 30% in 1 quarter...

This phase will teach you to build a system to do the same. Watch the video to the right to learn more.

Module 1. How to Create A Marketing System for More Repeat Patients AND Referrals from Your Past and Present Patients. 

Module 2. The Basics of Direct Response Marketing…How to Get a Measurable R.O.I. Marketing to Your Patients.

Module 3. Bringing It All Together…Implementing a Marketing System to Get an ROI with Minimal Waste of Your Time, Money and Energy (Released 12/18, Live QA 12/22)

Also includes:
- Patient Newsletter Templates
- Relevant Content Written and Tested By Chad
- "Lead Magnets" That Are Part Of the Newsletters
Phase III: Success With Physicians
The secret to getting MORE referrals from physicians (even POPTS) without seeing them.
Thanks to Hospital Systems now employing most physicians in our area…

Thanks to POPTS practices…

The rules of marketing to physicians have changed.

Here are the New Rules of how to successfully market to physicians…so they don’t stop you from seeing more Direct Access patients...and how you can USE THEM to get more...

"Since implementing phase 3 I've had no problem getting POPTS to sign off on Direct Access patients" - George Hess

This phase is important so that doctors don't stop referring to you altogether... But the Direct Response marketing techniques we implement in outside of this work so well, that we place less emphasis on getting referrals from physicians and more on simply getting them to sign off on plans of care...
Module 1. How to Create a Killer Newsletter for Your Referral Sources that Produces a Wide Referral Base…and Understanding the New Rules of Physician Referrals.

Module 2. The 8 Step Newsletter System for Physicians AND Why it should be drastically different than what you send to your patient list

Module 3. Bringing it all together…creating a system that maximizes the utilization of your staff and doesn’t waste your time, money and energy…and allows you to focus your efforts where you are most valuable. You're Physician Marketing Calendar... And More... 

Also Included:
- Physician Newsletter Template
- Tested Articles Written By Chad

"2015 was my best year ever and I have not talked to a single physician."

George Hess, DPT, Hess Physical Therapy

"The fear of not controlling my new patient flow went away after Killer Marketing."

Mike Van Gilder, Longevity Physical Therapy
The "Inside Circle" Community - Private Online Forum
Running and marketing a private practice can be lonely.
It's hard to make it through the ups and downs… Without friends or family who understand what you're doing and why you're so passionate about it…

I know. I’ve been there...

And with POPTS Practices, hospitals, chiros, corporate PT groups we have to stick together!

We’ve specifically designed all of our marketing and this course to attract the most high level and forward thinking private practice owners.

And you will all benefit from one another's experience because we’ve created an online community for you to interact, ask questions, share what works in your marketing, and what does not.

We’re creating the sharpest group of practice owners in the country and we’d love you to be a part of that.

"Having access to 100s of Killer marketing members is one of the most valuable part of the course! I’ve never seen a group of people so willing to help each other and to be able to answer any question I have in seconds!"

David Wilderman, PT 
Wilderman Physical Therapy
700 Member+ Facebook Group
"Inside Circle" Q&A Calls
Every other week we hold group calls that I moderate. First, I’ll be sharing my most advanced tactics and what is working best for me right now.

We talk about things like using Facebook ads, squeeze pages, sales funnels, and book offers that no one else is doing.

Then we open the line for questions and for our inside circle community to share what’s working for them or challenges they’re having.
What Can This Do For You?
Quick question:

Looking at your referrals in the past 6 months...what % of your New Patients have come from...

-- Physician Referrals?
-- Past patients returning for additional care?
-- Direct Access Patient from the General Public?

(Most Private Practice Owners report 75% Physician Referrals, 20% Past Patients, and 5% Direct Access from the General Public)...

Now imagine this situation…

You walk into your exam room and I’m sitting on the table.

You start by asking, “Hey, Chad, what brings you in today?”

And I respond, “Well my back hurts...and I’m here because my doctor sent me.”

That’s the first option…

The second is you walk into the exam room and ask the same question…
This time I respond, “Well my back hurts...and I came to your Workshop and know you can help me.”

Who would you rather treat?

From experience the Physician Referral has a 50% chance of making it through the entire plan of care, achieving their goals and being successfully discharged.

The second scenario...the one where I came to your Workshop and believe you can help it jumps to 90%.

Why’s that a big deal?

As most Private Practice Owners know...if we increase the rate at which our patients meet their goals and graduate PT (that’s what we call “Discharges”)...

And we’re less reliant on Physician Referrals…

Then we’re free from the fears and worry of the injustices of Hospital Systems buying the local physicians…

Or Physicians opening up POPTS practices and demanding their patients go to their own facility.

If we’re 50% Direct Access, 25% Return Patients, and 25% Physician Referrals...then we have a much safer...much more stable...and more profitable practice.

***Improving your Referral Mix is one of the biggest benefits of the Killer Marketing Training...and our primary goal working with you.

So what can improving your referral mix do?
  •   How would you like more compliant patients who take your advice, respect you as a PT, and complete their plan of care, and go around town as a walking billboard for your PT practice?
  •   How would you like more responsive physicians who recognize and appreciate the high quality of care you give to their patients?
  •   If you could control your New Patient flow (including improving the type of patient you attracted)
  •   How would that change your practice and your life?
  •   Would you have less stress?
  •   Would you be less worried about providing for your family or paying for your children’s education?
  •   Would you be able to pay off all your student debt or business debt?
  •   Would you be able to go on that dream adventure you’ve always promised yourself or your family or your significant other?
  •   And would you be worried about the ridiculously stupid policies the local hospital put in place so you couldn’t see their doctor? Or the absolutely lousy sales pitch the orthopedic surgeon gave to the patient about how his POPTS clinic is better…in the less than 6 minutes he was in the room with the patient?
  •   What would “not panicking about New Patients” be worth to you?
  •   Isn’t it time for you to finally figure this out once and for all?
When you know how to control your marketing…a lot of problems go away…

And I’m offering to share my top shelf marketing secrets with you…

Maybe you'd like to be like Hersh, mentioned below, and spend more time with your family. He did this by growing his new patients so he could hire another therapist.

"My family life is better because I’ have less stress and more time to spend with them. My employees are much happier and the general aura in my clinics is much more positive.

It makes me feel great to be able to tell my friends about the success I have had recently. I’ve even begun helping some of them with their marketing now."

Hersh Shukla, PT, Orthopedic and Spine Physical Therapy
BONUS #1 - The FAST Implementation Bootcamp
Join Us For Our Next Bootcamp
If you’re like most practice owners, you’re convinced that our crazy proven marketing systems work (because you’ve seen so many examples by now)... But you may be still facing these strange emotions that leave you wondering:

-- Do I or my staff have the time to consume all the content you’ll give me?

-- Will I be able to IMPLEMENT all the systems so I can realize the benefits?

-- When there are so many practice management issues, how can I focus enough to put these marketing systems in place.

This is why we have the “Fast Implementation Bootcamp”

Watch This Video From Last Bootcamp
In 48 hours, we’ll knock out the implementation of several of my best systems into your practice.

It's FREE for you to attend with your enrollment into Killer Marketing 

We’ll just ask you to confirm your spot when you checkout with a $100 deposit that is refunded when you show up.
BONUS #2 - KILLER Direct Access Patients With Workshops
The FULL advanced training PROVEN to deliver patients from the general public.
You may have heard some of the stories…

7, 15, 21…or even as high as 37 New Direct Access Patients from the general public in one hour…

...For as little as $6.00...

Made possible by hosting a Workshop.

And if you were one of the 1,200 or so Private Practice Owners to watch my How to Host Killer Workshop Webinar…you heard about an offer I had to take off the market…

And here it is...

If you’re looking to have a turn-key system in place to magnetically attract and convert Direct Access patients each and every month…even if you’re not the most polished speaker in the world…and get a bit nervous in front of small crowds…this is it.

This includes everything…100% of the nuts and bolts…and How-to’s of how BPTM Owners are killing it with Workshops.

You will NEVER have to worry about new patients again. The proof is in the results below.
How To Host Killer Workshops Training
This Phase Includes:
  • Introduction to the Workshop System
  • How to Scientifically Attract People To Your Workshops
  • All My Ad Copy
  • All My Postcard Copy
  • Training On Where to Place The Ads, Who To Mail, And How To Refine And Measure
  • How to Convert People In The Room To Full Plans Of Care
  • My Exact Workshop Presentation Content (This is my pride and joy... Been refining for years)
BONUS #3 - KILLER Advanced Direct Response Marketing Systems
Advanced online and offline systems no one else in private practice pt is using.
It’s addicting…

Once you’ve got a few Marketing Systems in place and running on cruise control…you may get hungry for more.

Here I walk you through some of the more Advanced Marketing Systems…that no one else is doing.

Included here is a super cool session with Carl Mattiola and Chuck Felder on how to use Metrics to get your best ROI in Marketing Your Private Practice.

Also - advanced internet marketings strategies for PT that Carl has developed. 

By the way Carl created the online marketing system at Tesla Motors and has now created email and facebook campaigns that have gotten over 20 patients each time. 

It's insane.
Managing By Numbers - with Chuck Felder:
  • Managing By Numbers 
  • The metrics you must track to run a healthy clinic.
  • A system to keep track of them.
  • How to create a metric driven culture without seeming like big brother
Internet Marketing for Physical Therapy - with Carl Mattiola 
  • Why SEO is dead and how you can rank your site for what matters
  • Email marketing strategies that get you patients (not the same crap from the 80s everyone in healthcare is doing)
  • A simple Facebook strategy to get patients and fill workshops
  • One email template guaranteed to fill your inbox with potential patients every single time.
What Results Can You Expect?

"I got 17 New Patients From Infusionsoft Email Campaign

20 New Patients From Newspaper Ad

13 New Patients From Newsletter

5 Patients From Internal Promotion..."

Scott Gillbert, Canyon Physical Therapy
I get this question a lot and rightfully so... It's important to look for ROI in any investment you make as a business owner.

I believe this will be the most valuable investment you make - IF you apply what you learn.

The truth of the matter is, a lot of the results are up to you.

That said, I'd like to break it down into three potential scenarios:

Best Case - If you’re a high performer… Study hard and implement… You can experience 100% + Growth like the top 10% of owners we work with.

Like Derrick who grew 400% in 1 year or Ofir who grew 100% in 3 months.

Worst Case - You take no action. You stay where you are.

Most Likely Case - You implement some of these systems, you experience 15-50% growth this quarter, you move on to solving other problems in your business before needing more systems.

Many of our members fall into this category... Like Travis, Hersh, Stacey, Scott, George, Lee, Mike and many more I'm forgetting that you're seeing on this page or have in other videos.
What's All Of This Worth?
If you were to buy each item of what I’m offering you here...this is what it would look like:
  • Greatest Promotion Ever - $497
  • Killer Testimonial Machine - $97
  • Advanced Training Green Ink Letter - $97
  • 7 Step Killer Exam - $97
  • Phase II and III -  $3995 (6 modules, templates, done-for-you copy and Implementation Calls)
  • Advanced Workshops Module - $1398
  • Advanced Direct Response Marketing Modules - $1398
  • 3 Months of Inside Circle $147
  • 3 Months of Gold $2397
  • ClinicRise Trial $525
  • ClinicMetrics Trial $360
  • LIVE Implementation Bootcamp $500
That’s a total of $13,008...if my math is right.

You’re not going to pay $13,008…

But if you’re were...

That’s about 13 New Patients…and I guarantee that if you take this and apply it, you will get 13 New Patients back…in a month. (In fact, we’ve had owners who got this back in one hour from one Workshop). So you’re going to get your money back pretty quick…

So How Do You Join?
Killer Marketing is only available 4 times a year (to only 75 owners) on an application-only basis.

Why application only?

To save both your time and ours, we only work with dedicated practice owners who are motivated to put in the leg-work and implement the material. We explicitly DO NOT work with POPTS, HOPTS or big corporation PT practice. 

So, in order to ensure that we only work with high-quality students, we need need to vett each applicant by application and a 1-hour phone call with one of our marketing coaches.

Because you are reading this page now, then that means enrollment is officially opened for our next Killer Marketing Class.

So here's what to do next...

Click the button below and fill out the short application. Then schedule your call with us when directed to do so.

Time is of the essence...

We've already let in 43 owners off the waiting list and our time slots are limited due to the holiday rush (we've had a lot of owners come in wanting to make 2017 their best year yet).

If you are even *slightly* considering joining us, then I urge you to watch the video above, click the button on the page, and fill out the short application.

Common Questions Answered...
If you have any questions shoot me an email at or call Bernice at (951) 537-7753 to schedule an appointment. Love to speak with you.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, these systems are tested and they work. We stand behind that. So we’re confident to back it up and know you’ll get results. As long as you put in the work to implement.

By 90 days after the purchase date, if you don’t feel happy with your decision in enrolling, for any reason at all, we’ll happily refund your money in full.

All I ask is that you take action by watching the videos, implement the systems, and show us you’ve done so.

How is this different from what I’m already doing?

Most owners we've worked with have dabbled in marketing gimmicks and been burned or have had marginal success (myself included).

This is an evidence based approach to marketing that I've spent 10 years learning and perfecting. Now it’s being used to successfully help create over 500 of the fastest growing private practices. Many are growing at rates of 30% to as much as 400% per year.

If you are not growing at the rate you want to and you’d like to understand how these other practice owners are doing it please call (951) 537-7753 or click here to schedule an appointment. We'd love to tell you more.

Will this work for MY business?

The scientific marketing approach and techniques that I'm sharing work for thousands of other industries outside Physical Therapy including Dentists, Carpet Cleaners, Auto Repair, and even Pet Shops... Regardless of the type of PT practice that you own, if you apply what is in this course it will work for you... But you have to put the work in.

If you'd like to explore this question with us more please call (951) 537-7753 and schedule an appointment. We'd love to talk to you about it.

Is the Killer Marketing Training all done online or is this requiring travel and course room?

All the training is done online and everything is recorded for your convenience.

I don’t want to go to meet with physicians, are you going to make me meet with Doctors?

No. We will never tell you to go meet with physicians. We do however teach Direct Response Marketing and will show you how to market to Past Patients and Physicians through Direct Mail, Email, and other media.

Can my staff watch and go through the training too?

Yes. We will give accounts to your staff as well. Just let us know after you sign up.

When do classes start?

Class officially starts January 20th, but you will be given access to your Phase 1 content immediately after purchasing. We recommend you get started with those to work on fixing any leaky parts to your funnel as soon as possible.

How are the classes held? Is this online?

All modules are released on our membership site. This includes all video content as well as all of the templates for advertisements and mailers. You and your staff will be able to watch the training videos from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your convenience. When you enroll you will be given instructions to login to the membership site and on how to use it.

These videos will be available on the membership site for you forever. So you can use them to train your staff and automate your practice.

What if I can not make some of the dates?

All modules and Implementation Calls will be recorded and you can watch them on the membership site at your convenience.

What results can I expect?

We've shared results of what many other Killer Marketing members have gotten all over this page.

Some of our members who study and work hard to implement have doubled their patient visits with Killer Marketing. These numbers are here as a point of reference and you and only you are ultimately responsible for what happens inside your PT practice.

How much does it cost to mailing patients and physicians?

It depends on the size of your patients or physician list and prices vary from 40 cents to a $1 per piece depending on the quality you select and the printer you work with.

How much time is required for me and my staff?

During the course we recommend investing 5 hours per week for either you or your staff (whoever is implementing). After that the systems should take only 2 hours per month to run. 

This will free you up and allow you to spend time expanding your business, creating experiences with your family, or working on other areas of interest.

What’s included in the program?

Everything is mentioned in the above letter, but to summarize again you get:

    Phase 1 - Create A Killer Patient Funnel
    Phase 2 - Killer Past Patient Direct Access Marketing
    Phase 3 - The NEW Killer Way To Market To Physicians
    *Bonus Phase 4 - Killer Workshop Course
    *Bonus Phase 5 - Advanced Direct Response Marketing Techniques
    Proven Tested Templates And Copy For Each Phase
    Live Implementation QA Calls
    Private Online Community
    *Bonus - 3 Months of the BPTM Gold Package
    *Bonus - Live Implementation Bootcamp In Orlando (LIMITED TO FIRST 15 TO ENROLL)

How does the “Fast Action Bonus” work?

If you successfully implement the systems in the program, which includes sending out your first patient newsletter, physician newsletter, and holding your first workshop before DATE, you will not owe your final payment of $799.

We’ll validate this by having you put me on your mailing list. I’ll check to see that your mailers go out. For the workshop, you’ll just need to take a picture of it and post it to the facebook group.

How do I buy?

Simply click the button above with your choice and fill out the form. You will be immediately taken into the product where you can get started with phase 1. Or if you have questions please call (951) 537-7753 or click here to schedule an appointment and we’ll talk soon.

What happens when I buy?

After you enter your credit card information, you will be taken immediately inside the membership site with a welcome video that explains everything.

How are the QA calls held?

QA calls are held using GoToMeeting. You can call in using your computer or phone.

What if I can not make a QA Call?

We hold at least 1 call per week, so if you miss one, you can either email us your questions and we’ll cover them on the call or catch the next one. Also all QA calls are recorded and posted to the membership site for you to watch at your convenience.

Over the last 3 years, it’s become apparent to me that relying on physician referrals was not the future for my business (at least if I wanted to own my business in the future). I knew that the clinic would need to figure out how to get the majority of its referrals to make it into the next 5-10 years. I had considered things like a newsletter, emails, referral incentive programs, connecting with social media, etc., but until taking Chad’s course I really had no idea how to actually systemize these ideas and make them work.

After taking Chad’s course, I finally feel like I have a solid marketing plan as opposed to a bunch of “good ideas” that don’t seem to fit together. Chad has also turned me into a huge fan of Dan Kennedy, and I’m now confident that when I take action, it will work. I’ll also be able to test and measure my marketing campaigns instead of just guessing what’s working and what’s not.

The best part about working with Chad over the 6-week course was his quick responses to any questions that I had. Chad still answers my emails quickly, and I believe that he truly cares about the future of my private practice. I highly recommend his 6-week course to any other private practice owners who are ready to take control of their marketing and start building a practice based on referrals from previous patients. Chad’s information has completely changed the way I view the future of my private practice. And the new future looks great!

Luke Gordon, DPT, Gordon Physical Therapy