"Exit With Equity: How To Maximize The Value Of Your Practice Whether You’re Selling In 2 Years Or 20 Years" 
While Also Protecting your staff, Your High Level Of Care & your reputation in the community.
Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018  1:00pm EST, 10:00am PST
Limited Space Available.
Your practice is your baby, your life's work and possibly even your nest egg.

If or when you want to exit, will you let the equity in and value of your practice, a life’s work, be under-cut or even ruined? Do you know what your practice will even be worth?

Little or nothing if you sell to ortho groups, hospitals or private equity consolidators. 

They dictate the price by their formula. It’s take it or leave it. It’s brutal. 

And their plan for you is to methodically DECREASE the value of your practice - by shrinking the number of physicians willing (or even allowed) to refer patients to you. This assault of your practice’s equity is underway. 

If you build a direct access practice, you get to flip that. You get to dictate price. 

And the bigger the practice’s independence from physicians, the higher the valuation. 

There are certain systems that you need to establish in your practice that could increase your ultimate exit payout by 100% to 500%. Making the difference between retiring and retiring rich.

But that’s not the full story. 

You’ve spent years cultivating a high level of trust with your employees and a high standard of care for your patients - making your practice a “ shining city upon a hill” in your community. 

So that begs the question…

How do you maximize the value of your clinic so you can sell it for its highest possible multiple all while maintaining your integrity, reputation and trust with your staff, patients and community?

The answer is surprisingly simple once you know what to look for.

It lies in building your practice “with the end in mind” so that when the time comes to exit, your practice can thrive without you. 

Now there are just four key systems you need in place to build a 7 or 8 figure practice that you're proud of when the time comes to sell.

I want to share them with you for the first time on a free online workshop I am hosting this Tuesday.

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Hosted By:  Chad Madden, MSPT
Chad has helped over 1000 owners from across the world achieve major milestones like doubling their practice volume, selling their practice and opening up new locations. He currently averages over 1000 patient visits a week to his single-site location despite seeing an 80% decrease in physician referrals. 

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