"How To Build Your Dream Practice While Maximizing Profits, Stability & The Impact You Leave In Your Community"
While minimizing confusion, stress & the Increasing threat of hospital, corporate and POPTs Competition...
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2018  2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST
Limited Space Available.

Max Profits: How To Analyze The Health Of Your Practice & Scientifically Fuel Future Growth

A common mistake some practice owners make is they starve themselves and their practice - they cut expenses (and investments). You can't starve the practice and expect it to grow. We want to be profitable today so you can fuel future growth.

We do this by asking better questions - 17 questions to be exact - and work backwards from our growth goals. I’ll show you how on the training.

Max Stability: The Systems You Need In Place To Have Happier Employees, Patients & Most Importantly A Happier Life Outside Of Your Business 

As Practice Owners, we’re pulled in every direction. We’re pulled by our staff, our clients, our families and ourselves. 

Here’s an important point though - As business owners what we're really doing is creating value in the marketplace but we neglect the fact that there should be a fair, reciprocal return back to us. 

There is a way to do this that’s sustainable, worthwhile and most of all enjoyable. I’ll show you how on the training.

Max Impact: How We Can Put Physical Therapy In It’s Rightful Spot In The Larger Healthcare Landscape

When you deliver value in the marketplace, it's really your job to make sure that you're rewarded for that…so you can continue to leave an impact by helping people. It's your job as the CEO, as the owner, to really paint the vision. Not just for your practice but for the future of physical therapy. 

Looking at the big picture, we’ve still got a long way to go as an industry.

According to the GDP, over $3.3 Trillion is spent on health care each year in the US:
• Medications, injections, surgery, hospital stays account for 72% of that amount

• ALL of conservative care COMBINED makes up only 10%

• With a mere 2% being spent on physical therapy

This despite the fact that there’s abundant research which proves that when people go to conservative care FIRST they avoid unnecessary medications, injections, and surgeries.

In the last part of this training, I’ll walk you through exactly how we can put PT in its rightful place in the larger healthcare landscape.
Hosted By:  Chad Madden, MSPT
Chad has helped over 1000 owners from across the world achieve major milestones like doubling their practice volume, selling their practice and opening up new locations. He currently averages over 1000 patient visits a week to just one of his clinics despite seeing an 80% decrease in physician referrals. 

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