COVID-19: Best Practices For Navigating Your Physical Therapy Clinic Through Crisis
Join This Open Format Discussion As We provide Strategies For Remaining a leader in these uncertain times
Date: Thu, Mar 19, 2020  1:30pm EST, 10:30am PST
Limited Space Available.
We know that the safety of your staff, patients and family are top of mind as you adapt your practice in the midst of COVID-19.

At Breakthrough, we believe that when events threaten to disrupt business, markets and everyday life community and level-headedness remains the best remedy. 

That is why we'd like to invite you to an open panel web-cast as we provide tips, strategies and best practices to remain a leader in your community in these uncertain times. 

This will be open-format where you can ask your questions and collaborate how to lead your private practice through this crisis.
Topics Include:
  • An informative summary about COVID-19 as it relates to Physical Therapy
  • How to provide care for patients while minimizing exposure and ensuring peace of mind.
  • Specific tips and strategies we believe many owners are overlooking
  • Live Q&A to get your concerns answered by other owners 
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Co-Hosted By: Chad Madden, MSPT
Owner of 5 Clinics & Leader to 1000s of Owners, Chad will walk you through what he sees as the best practices for weathering this storm.
Co-Hosted By: Mike Lewis, MSPT
Mike is a Practice Owner and a Doctorate student in Healthcare Leadership. His clinic is 3.5 miles from the Seattle nursing home where the first US cases of Covid-19 popped up. He will detail how he is handling this pandemic at Ground Zero.  
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