Brand New Guidebook For Dedicated Practice Owners
"Rapidly Scale Your Practice, Reduce Your Treatment Hours & Leave A Lasting Impact In Your Community"
Discover the patient-generating formula select practice owners are using to thrive in the new healthcare economy despite the insurgence of hospital practices, POPTS & big corporate PTs

Armed with the systems in this book, you'll be able to rapidly grow your practice and free up your treatment matter how many competitors are in your local market.

Finally experience both time and financial freedom as the new method revealed in this book brings you a stream of patients that will overcome any resistance to be treated by you.

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Here Is What Owners Are Saying
Who This Book Is For...

This is for you if you are a private practice physical therapy or physiotherapy owners and you believe that PT is the real solution to costly invasive surgery, injections, and medication. 

This is for you if you believe you deliver the best possible care to patients but you wish more people actually knew about you and how you can help them. 

And this is for you if you want to leave an impact in your local community. 

What You Will Discover Inside...
This is NOT a book about creativity. Not at all.

It hands you a proven blueprint for driving more new patients to your practice today...

You'll get the step-by-step framework that is empowering 713 forward-thinking owners from across the world to rapidly scale their practices and decrease their treatment hours.... 

...despite declining physician referrals

...shrinking reimbursements and... 

... the insurgence of hospital practices, POPTS & Big Corporate PTs.

There's no guesswork involved. 

And, YES!... 

...what you'll find in this book works in all types of physical therapy practices... 

No matter where you are located…

Whether you’re cash pay, in network, out of network… 

Whether your practice is big or small… 

…multiple locations or single site…

The bottom line is that it can and will work for you…

Grab your copy to and take back control of your practice today.

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Grab Your Copy Today And Receive A Special 60-Minute Bonus Training On "How To Double Your Practice In Less Than 3 Years"

On the training, you'll discover the 6 simple things that 713 practice owners have used to rapidly scale their practices despite declining physician referrals, shrinking reimbursements & the insurgence of HOPTS, POPTS & Big Corporate PTs 

This training is only guaranteed for the first 200 readers. 

Grab your copy now to get instant access.

Here Is What Other Owners Are Saying
Here's Just Some Of  What You'll Find Inside 
Your Copy Of This New Book:
  • How To Survive & Thrive In The New Healthcare Economy (And Protect Your Practice Against POPTS and HOPTs)
  •  The MAGIC Formula to STOP Wasting Money On Advertising & Marketing That Doesn’t Work… (Page 6)
  • The Controversial Way To Get More New Patients By Making A Slight Tweak In Your Current Marketing (Page 23)
  •  The Type Of Marketing That You Should Avoid At All Costs (If You Actually Want An ROI)
  •  What To Do If You Are Brand New Practice And Nobody Had Ever Heard Of You
  •  How To Diversify Your Three Patient “Buckets” So You Can Gain Ultimate Control of Your Practice's Future 
  •  The Biggest Mistake That 99% Of Practice Owners Make When Marketing (Page 16)
  •  The Secret To Increasing Your Physcian Referrals While Never Doing A Luncheon Again...Flip to Page 13.
  •  How to Leverage The Lowest Hanging Fruit In Your Practice 
  •  The Counter-Intuitive Marketing Method That Will Have Patients Begging To Be Treated By You (Pg. 27)
  •  The Easiest, Most Effective Way To Get Patients From The General Public (Page 29)
  •   The EXACT Formula To Take YOUR Practice To The NEXT LEVEL…
  •   The Three “M’s” You Need To Master In Order To Attract The Ideal Patient (One Who Completes Their Plan of Care, Achieves Their Goals AND Refers Others To You)
  •  The New Game To Play When Marketing To Physcians (Page 22)
  •  How To Reduce Your Treatment Hours SO You Can Finally Spend Time With Your Family
  •  And So Much More...

About The Author

Chad Madden, MSPT

Chad is the owner of Madden Physical Therapy in Harrisburg, PA and the co-founder for Breakthrough PT Marketing. He is the #1 most-watched back pain and sciatica specialist in the world. 

In the last 12 months, he's attracted over 1,050 direct access patients. Right now, he's currently averaging over 2000 patient visits a month out of his single location. Over the last ten years, he's seen a 90% decrease in the physician referrals due to more than 80% of them going to work for the local hospital system and also five local POPTS practices.  But during that time he's grown his practice over 900% in terms of profitability or EBITDA.

He currently serves private practice owners all over the US, Canada, United Kingdom and now Australia and Malaysia. These owners learn and apply the same successful systems that he has in place at Madden Physical Therapy.

He has 5 children as well as 5 mini-donkeys, 7 chickens, 2 cats, and a Border Collie named Georgia.
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